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Datsun Unveils mi-DO Hatch At 2014 Automechanika Moscow

Datsun mi-Do 01

Nissan’s emerging-market brand Datsun unveiled its newest addition to its burgeoning lineup at the 2014 Automechanika Moscow show: The mi-DO.

Just-Auto reports the compact hatch, joining the similarly named on-DO sedan set to arrive in September, will arrive in showrooms sometime in early 2015. No price of admission has been stated for the five-door, five-passenger vehicle, however.

Under the bonnet, a 1.6-liter 8V engine will deliver 87 horsepower to the front pair of 15-inch alloys through a standard five-speed manual or optional four-speed auto.

As for its name — and that of the on-DO — Datsun says it’s a fusion of Japanese, Russian and English themes: “do” is Japanese for “moving,” “on” is Russian for “he,” and “mi” is meant to invoke personalization by rhyming with “me” to Russian ears.

Datsun mi-Do 01

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