2017 Renault Megane Sedan

New Megane Sedan, with every detail carefully thought ‘cockpit’ evocation equipped with cabinet with refined materials.

The car’s cabin is a ‘cockpit’ feel arouses. This creates the biggest factors, which surrounds the passenger seats, color Head-up Display screen can be configured 7-inch TFT color display, portrait-format 8.7-inch multimedia tablet R-Link 2.0. Interior upholstery and soft touch travel comfort thanks to the attention paid to the quality of materials further improved: the materials used in Renault’s luxury models – Front panel and door top panel, selected foam-backed covering for doors details and armrests – Satin-looking chrome display, air vents and center console frames – Nappa leather-wrapped steering wheel – materials used in the front panel and door top panel further accentuates the width of the interior perceived. The center of the console, is surrounded by a large and highly stylish frame. In the top version of the console and front / rear door panel design of the same color ambient lighting is foregrounded with thin strips. Depending on the equipment level of the new Megane sedan beige cabin (with leather option), or black (cloth or leather option) is available in color. And each of these details contribute to the high level of comfort feeling for the new Megane Sedan. Exclusions: leading comfort and width -Sensitive properly designed seats in the classroom, a leader in the classroom through the use of dual-density foam provides comfort and support. Frameworks Espace and use the same as those used in Talisman. Depending on the version has a power adjustable lumbar support in the driver’s seat with massage function. the cabin of the car offers a very generous size for both driver and passengers: among the best in the shoulder and elbow from the class (ahead of 1,441mm at the rear is 1,377mm shoulder distance. Front 1,492mm and rear 1,413mm elbow distance). 216mm of rear legroom. This five-door version, which means more than 37mm of legroom geliyor.ark the backrest angle (27 degrees) improves Headroom for taller passengers and increasing the living comfort.One of the most impressive features of the new Megane Sedan, with luggage capacity of the largest 550dm3 category (more than 20dm3 Fluence’nin). In addition to its wide opening high capacity load area access is extremely simple and convenient. The maximum load length of 1,084mm and maximum width of 1,393mm. Rigorous quality and durability testing -New MEGANE Sedan holding a number of unique ways and handling characteristics were tested in the toughest conditions. In addition to the new Megane hatch done on the back version of the test to 30 due to the close the market will be launched new MEGANE order to ensure the ability to cope, provided all kinds of weather and road Sedan önemliydi.güvenilirlig vehicle spent time in 276 thousand kilometers in Renault’s test track . The accelerated aging process performed here is equivalent to 828 thousand kilometers in real life. Moreover, more than 24 million kilometers drive a long way to identify potential problems as in all models of the new MEGANE edildi.renault’n be passed through the testing process EDAU Sedan (functional and visual endurance tests). Way this process together with tests portrays the three years of use by fulfilling the following motion: stroke get in the car and seat adjustment, turn on and off the glass, resolving to connect the belt shift, door / trunk opening and closing, washing and cleaning, climate chamber tests, etc.Driving pleasure and complete engine range offers efficiency -Turbocharger in Formula 1 and the Renault experienced downsizing process, bringing together experts in the motor driving pleasure and efficiency. Some of these engines EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) automatic transmission is offered with. This new range of engines tasarlandı.t MEGANE standard feature in my version in order to meet all expectations in the markets that sold Sedan ECO mode. This mode can be modified thanks to the car’s performance characteristics and fuel consumption can be reduced at the rate of up to 10 percent. R-LINK-2 presented in the version equipped with Driving ECO2 allows the driver assistance data to analyze usage patterns and allows them to take the necessary measures to reduce the hi both the fuel consumption, CO2 emissions. New Megane Sedan 2 petrol in Turkey (1.6 16V 115 hp MT & 1.2 Tce 130 hp EDC) and 4 diesel engines (1.5 dCi 90 hp MT & 1.5 dCi 110hp MTU and EDC & 1.6 dCi 130 MT), including 6 It offered to the market with a different engine.

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